Fashion: Vintage Kimono Outfit Idea

I’ve been noticing a growing appreciation in street and festival style for kimonos that eschew the specifically Asian aesthetic in favour of a more bohemian or even Americana feel. I feel that this trend is going to continue growing and it’s something that I’ve really admired for a very long time. We’ve been having pretty warm weather in Ireland lately, so the idea of a light and easy cover-up is no longer the dreamers’ wish.

I have been searching online for quite a while but most options are painfully expensive. Most people who can afford this type of clothing don’t tend to go for the hippy-dippy-airy-fairy style in my experience, so I’d love to know who keeps these businesses afloat. I then took a look at because I remembered that the likes of Amy Pham and Jenn Im are always referencing ebay as the source of some of their coolest wardrobe items.

I came across some beauties from a seller named Hontipuss. I can’t find the link, as I think it was a one-off, but it only cost about €60 including shipping from the UK. I ordered this beautiful champagne coloured one and it just arrived a couple of days ago. To say that I love it would be an understatement.

The kimono itself is made of devoré fabric that showcases some beautiful velvet roses and a champagne trim all around. Each of the roses is scattered with some beautiful delicate beading. Usually I hate beading but this is just so delicate and tasteful that I can look past my hatred. Along the ends there is a beautiful beaded fringe. It’s not the kind of item that I would wear at a festival, it’s just too delicate. I’ll be looking after this item like a child and I wouldn’t bring a child to a festival. I had thought about wearing it at Castlepalooza this weekend, but that idea is gone out the window now that I’ve seen it.

So I wore it last night out to dinner with some friends. I decided to pair it with a simple outfit so that the kimono could speak for itself.



I wore an old black velvet American Apparel bodysuit/swimsuit type thing, with my new blue joni jeans from Topshop. The shoes are an old pair from Office and the necklace is also an old purchase from Forever21. It’s great to have some simple pieces that I can now wear more again because they look brand new when teamed with this kimono. My makeup was just very simple, with the hot pink lips taking the attention. I have been wearing my hair back off my fair in this boring way recently because I’m trying to grow out my fringe.



If you have any questions, or other ideas on how to style this kimono, just leave a comment.

I feel that this one went well, so nice try, Norah.


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