Fashion: Clothes Haul

I discovered recently that my wardrobe is severely lacking in pants. That’s not to say that I go to work naked from the waist down every day, or that I stroll around town in unseasonal skirts. I do, however, find myself wearing the same two pairs of leggings much too regularly for it to be socially acceptable.

I can’t bring myself to venture into the shops during the summer. Teenagers are off school and take over Topshop. Zara is riddled with busy workaholics who can’t pass up a sale. Every street is droning with slow-moving tourists. It’s too much for comfort, and comfort is a very important thing for me. As has become habit, I took to the internet instead, and at the end of the day I fell back on an old favourite: ASOS.

The package arrived yesterday but I didn’t get to open it until today.

asos_box asos_box_

I think I had forgotten just how much I had bought because the size of the box kind of shocked me.


So, what I bought and received was:

  • Asos Verona Flatforms in Nude
  • Asos Uber High Waist Denim Tube Pants in Light Wash
  • Asos 90’s Crop Top in Grey
  • Asos Abstract Print Pants
  • Asos Tailored Dungarees
  • Asos Peg Pants in Slinky Material
  • Asos Chunky Metal Keeper Waist Belt

That’s right, everything I bought was actually Asos brand. It’s just so cheap and I know I can trust it for the most part, but it wasn’t intentional either.

asos-flatforms-1 asos-flatforms-2

So first up was the shoes. I’m a big fan of this pale pink colour in a pair of shoes. I’m also a big fan of shoes that aren’t too high, simply because I’m not too graceful. I didn’t realise that the heel was shiny from the picture on the website, but I quite like it. I just hope I don’t destroy them. I tried them on and they were a little tight, but I’m sure they’ll get more comfortable as I wear them.

asos-belt asos-belt-1

Next was this belt. I was pretty surprised that it was a skinny belt to be honest. I genuinely thought it was a wider, more nineties style belt. Nonetheless it was pretty cheap and I don’t actually have a black skinny belt so I’m happy to keep it. Black and gold are pretty classic and versatile so this should go pretty well over a dress, or to cinch in the jumpsuit I got from Asos earlier this year. Yes, I’m a bit of a fan!


After this I opened up the Tube Pants. I actually bought a pair of indigo Joni Jeans from Topshop last weekend, which are very similar to this. The Asos version was much cheaper and so I decided to get them in the lighter, more summer appropriate colour. The Asos version is quite a good fit but not quite as good as the Joni Jeans. I’m confident that I’ll be the only one who’ll notice though, so that’s ok. I mean, it’s pretty flattering on the derriére so that’s always a pretty favourable payoff!


The next pair of pants I opened were these abstract print pants. The more I looked at these the more I loved them. The pleats at the waist make them so nicely tailored and work-appropriate, but the print makes it very on-trend nineties and fun. They sit so nicely on the waist and the feel of the fabric is cool, flowing and a bit like satin. They’re such a perfect blend of big nineties and sleek noughties. I take that back, I’m very uncomfortable with the term “noughties”. But I’ll credit you with the intelligence to understand what I’m saying and replace i with a suitable word.


So I didn’t just get pants, I mean that would mean having restraint. Asos is not conducive to restraint. This little grey nineties crop top ticks a lot of boxes for me: It was very cheap, it’s in one of my very favourite colours (grey), it has a scoop neck, it hits the nineties trend, and the cropped feature will hopefully encourage me to maintain a healthy torso. I type this with an empty kitkat wrapper beside me. Tomorrow…


So these pants didn’t come out great in the photos, but they are black peg trousers in a slinky fabric. At first look I thought they looked really cheap. The fabric has a little shine to it and they do run the risk of looking cheap. I think that as long as I pair it with the right contrasting textures it will look ok. They have a high waist and are damn comfy. Anything that looks tailored and sleek but feels like pyjamas (without getting me kicked out of the local shops) is good in my books!


Finally the dungarees. Unless you’ve been living under a rock on an as-of-yet undiscovered island then you know that dungarees are back! The last pair of dungarees I owned were a pair of Tweetie Bird denims that I got in the Warner Bros. store in the World Trade Centre back in 2001, 7 months before they were attacked. I was 13 back then and I thought it might be cool to bring them back, and wear them like Cleopatra did. Turns out I wasn’t the trend-setter I hoped I was so they lived in my closet for years, until I finally put them in a charity bag. These dungarees are tailored, high-waisted, perfect! Honestly, I just love them. I think they will look great with heels or sandals, and can be dressed for work or for going out. I can’t wait to start styling them.

So that’s the haul. Let me know what you think, what you like, what you don’t like, what ideas you have. I think I might start doing some Outfits Of The Day (#OOTD) and stuff like that so I can show how I style them. As is the nature of this blog, you can tell me whether you think it’s successful or unsuccessful.


2 thoughts on “Fashion: Clothes Haul

  1. hi Norah, great buys! Im thinking about getting the verona flats in blue, would you say they’re comfy? Is the material soft enough? I’ve had this problem with asos shoes already in the past :/

    • Hi Kasia, apologies for the absence and delayed response. In all honesty, they’re not the most comfortable, but I have wide feet so that could be the issue. I still like them though. Happy shopping 🙂

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