Photo Project: Urban Shoot

Last week I got a text early on Sunday morning to ask me to do a photoshoot in the next 45 minutes.

Needless to say that didn’t happen.

However, they rescheduled for Tuesday and thankfully my wonderful boss allowed me to take the morning to shoot because the Seanad was on a week’s holidays. Nice for some!

Adam Gaffey was the brains behind the whole shoot and the man with the cheekbones to cut glass. Yet another portfolio shoot, which is actually great because even though there’s no money in it, there’s a whole lot of free reign over how you want the shoot to look. Adam was recently signed to Kangoo Models and needs to build up his portfolio. He asked his friend Dejana Obradovic to model with him. She hasn’t modeled much before but she was a natural. Together they were perfect. Their colouring suited each other and they were very confortable together. Ivona did the hair and Diana Byrne did the makeup. Justine King did the styling again. She absolutely channelled Rihanna and Rita Ora in this one, which was fitting as she previously worked on Rihanna’s tour, and Dejana is Bosnian like Rita Ora. She insists, however that she got her funky tattoos before the famous ladies did and I can well believe it.

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