Career: Change of Internship

Apologies for the rant that is about to ensue…

I have reached a stage in my life that I’m not quite sure I’m comfortable with: I have to start being selfish.

I am indicative of my generation. I am 25 years of age and over-educated. I can’t seem to get paid work. I am also at the beginning of the most expensive period of my life, in that I make very little money, I’m not a student and I’m not a senior citizen. Thankfully I don’t have children yet because I hear they can’t survive on Aldi grapes alone.

Some people are very much against the notion of an internship. Why did I spend thousands of Euro to get a Masters and now I have to do an internship in order to (hopefully) get adequate experience to get work. Others say that here in Ireland our problem is that we don’t do as the Americans do and partake in internships during the Summer between college terms. While I was studying for my undergraduate degree there were plenty of people who did Summer internships and were hired straight out of college. I was not one of them, because I simply couldn’t afford to do unpaid work during the Summer.

Now I am at a stage where I have no choice but to do an unpaid internship. I’m delighted that I had so many offers from startups and that my skills were recognized as being desirable. However, the fact that established companies with money didn’t want to pay me for these skills has left me with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth.

So I have had to be selfish.

In my last post regarding internships I indicated that I had opted to go with FluidUI. However, due to a change in circumstances, I opted to leave them in favour of another company. Let me just be clear that FluidUI is a very good company, with an outstanding and competitive product, and a very highly-skilled team. I know I could have done well there. The team was open and welcoming and I honestly can’t fault them in any way. My decision, however, was purely selfish and personal. I know I left them momentarily in the lurch, and I feel terribly guilty about this. Nonetheless, I remind myself on a regular basis these days that I need to adopt a healthy dose of selfishness in order to progress my career at all.

The company that I have opted for is GetBulb. I will be working with Jane as a digital marketing intern until about August or September. There is one other digital marketing intern named Nicholas, and a few other interns working in different areas. Jane is offering an excellent opportunity to learn and contribute. I only started with her on Monday of last week and have worked from home or my work office for her since. She wants us all to have particular projects that we will be working on, and there will be a weekly intern meeting to discuss progress and where everyone can improve, and of course to celebrate the little victories. I’m helping her to organise an event after the Summer that I won’t reveal anything about just yet, but watch this space. Other than that I’m hoping to get a little more involvement with the marketing side of things and build up skills such as SEO, PPC and social media marketing.

GetBulb is about data storytelling for everyone. The product will be launching soon, but it’s an online tool for creating infographics. Everyone is concerned with Big Data these days, but how do you get people interested in your story? Infographics are an easy and accessible way to present your data so that it can speak for itself and be understood best.

I won’t be back in to GetBulb until Friday, but we’re hoping to go to the StartupBootCamp Global Alumni Day later that afternoon. I will be tweeting from @norah_ward I’m sure, as well as blogging about it soon.

Be sure to comment if you have any questions or want to discuss anything that I’m talking about. I’ll do my best to speak about what I can.


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