Self Improvement: Getting on the Road

It’s been over a week since I’ve posted and I really should apologise. This is mostly because life has been busy, but not with anything that can deemed a successful or unsuccessful endeavour. Nonetheless, I’ll jump back into things with a very quick update on my driving.

As I said before, my learner permit was out of date. I made the trek into the Motor Taxation Office to hand in the forms for getting my license renewed about a week and a half ago. I was told that it would take 4 weeks before I’d get the license. Because this is my third learner permit (I never even tried to do my test before!) I had to provide proof that I had a test booked. I have booked to do my test in late July or early August, but they haven’t gotten back to me with a date yet. I booked to do it as Gaeilge (in the Irish language) largely because there’s a better pass rate. I’ll have to learn some words that I wouldn’t know, so here’s a quick glossary:

  • Clutch = crág
  • Brake = coscán
  • Accelerator = luasaire
  • Indicator = treoir
  • Gear = giar
  • Reverse gear = giar cúlaithe

I got the car insured then on Friday. You’d think the empty wallet would leave me feeling lighter, but I’ve just got a heavy heart. I had to hand over €968. I decided to do it all in one go, so as not to spread the pain for too long. Like ripping off a band-aid. One of those band-aids that takes a little skin with it. I hate band-aids.

I’ve taken a few drives in the beast. I thought it would be a little too big or powerful for me but I feel very comfortable in it, really. I hope to get some lessons soon. I’ve also named the car. He (yes, he!) shall henceforth be known as Harrison. Some people don’t get it, so I’ll just explain again. The car is a Ford Focus. Harrison Ford.

I’ll update again soon about lessons.


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