Self Improvement: Getting a New Car

My name is Norah. I am 25 years old and I can’t drive.

I got my first learner permit, or provisional license, as it was known back then, back when I was 17. My mom started to teach me but then I was in my final year of secondary school and busy studying for state exams…

I got my second learner permit 2 years ago, just when I started working in the Senate. I only work part-time so it seemed perfect. But then I got accepted to my M.Sc. course…

Last week I noticed that my license was up last Sunday. That got me a little depressed. I really need a car. I live with my parents, way far out of town. I could do a lot more photography work if I had my license. But even if I had my license, I don’t have a car and can’t see that I’ll be able to afford one any time soon.

Tuesday morning I expressed these views to my poor mother who just listens and makes me feel better.

Late on Tuesday morning my boss called me in work. I was surprised he wasn’t in yet. His wife had just bought a new car and was giving him her old one so he was busy sorting all that out at home. That was fine.

He was in by the afternoon and asked if I knew anyone who might need his old car. I joked that if I had the money then I would take it, but that I would put it up on CarZone  if he’d like, and I’d also ask friends on Facebook and Twitter. Now, my boss is an outrageously kind and generous man and so Captain Kindness immediately offered to give me the car. He offered to give me the car. Yes. For free. Of course, I declined his kind offer. He assured me that he was told he’d only fetch €400 for it, but I knew he was being swindled.

We each went off to lunch and I checked out CarZone for the same car. Sure enough they were all asking for €1000 on average. He reiterated the offer after lunch and I told him my findings. I’ll never forget his words:

“Thanks to you I’ve been elected to this House. This car in a friend’s hands means more than €1000 in my pocket.”

Before I knew what was happening he had the change of ownership form in front of me. Yesterday he handed over all the relevant papers and I booked my driving test. Today he handed me the car. Just like that! I still can’t believe it. I arrive into work this morning to see this:


He was getting a train down the country this evening, so we arranged that my mother would come in and collect the car and then we would drop him to the train. He was almost as excited as I am. He insisted we get a picture of the changeover:


So now I am the proud owner of a Ford Focus. It’s 13 years old but it’s just passed its NCT and it’s taxed until January 2014. This is my first car and I got it for free! I can’t believe it! I intend to get lots of lessons and be licensed by August. It’s about time I started to grow up, right!?



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