Video: Slow Skies Playing “Ice Cream” at EP Launch

Last Saturday I went to the EP launch of my friend Karen’s band, Slow Skies. These guys are insanely talented. I mean, out of this world talented. It’s like the instruments start playing before they’ve even touched them. It’s such a bizarre phenomenon. You can just see that these guys live and breathe music.

Justine King styled a shoot that Karen did for Prowlster recently, and they had asked if she knew anyone to do an acoustic session with her. Justine came to me, but sadly I knew I wouldn’t have time to do a daytime shoot, and I also was lacking audio equipment. However, I had ordered a microphone from eBay recently.

I still have a lot of learning to do when it comes to this mic, and even when it comes to shooting video on my Nikon D5100, but I am happy(ish) with how it turned out. It’s very basic, and I think in brighter and more intimate circumstances that the end product would have been better. For a first try, though, I think it’s ok.

Karen was styled by Justine in a ridiculously cool top from Colin Horgan and a super sexy pair of leather pants from Natalie B. Coleman. Justine and I will be doing another portfolio shoot in a couple of weeks with some of Colin Horgan’s pieces. Can’t wait!

For now, just enjoy the musical stylings of Slow Skies and I’ll be back to you soon.


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