Career: Preparing for Dubstarts

Way back in November I was coming to the end of the production of my Major Project in my Masters. I was under serious pressure because I was just learning along the way and I was also working my job in the Senate (where I still work). If ever Hermione Granger’s Time Turner would have been useful it would have been in November 2012. I was developing an iPad book app, but that’s besides the point. If you are actually interested in that you can check out the development blog.

However, in October I got a call from a good friend of mine from college, Matt Smyth. Matt is a man with his fingers in many pies. At that time one of those many pies was the Undergraduate Awards. The UA (as it will be hereto-forth referred) has grown from strength to strength over the few short years since its inception, quickly becoming an internationally acclaimed event. Matt, being the good friend that he is, recommended me as the event photographer for their 3 day summit. I was between two minds, as I was so busy, but the prospect of making more in 3 days at an interesting event than I would in a month in the Senate… well let’s just say I didn’t mull it over for too long.

The summit itself was absolutely incredible. I met so many amazing people and heard such incredible stories. One of whom was Raj Dey who is the young CEO of Enternships. Enternships is an organization that helps put young graduates and students in touch with funded internships primarily in tech start-ups. Cue excitement from one Miss Norah Ward. That’s me, c’mon, keep up!

I finally graduated in mid-February. I’ve been pre-occupied with helping my boss out with a few extra things (seeing as he was so understanding throughout my studies and we’re now short one person in the office) and also with some photographic duties since then so I really only got into looking at Enternships properly about a month and a half ago.

I noticed that most of the positions on the site were for London-based companies. I do love London and have a lot of friends over there, such is the result of a graduating into a recession and also having friends with itchy feet. My feet have been getting itchier too and I’ve been thinking about London a lot, as well as New York. I was actually born in New York so neither place would pose Visa issues, thankfully. However, I would obviously need to discuss this with the people in my life, most notably my boyfriend. He is a primary school teacher with a permanent job and so a move wouldn’t suit him right now. He is fantastic though. He fully supported me looking into jobs in London and said that if an opportunity presented itself in New York next year he’d go with me. He’s one of the good ones.

I actually found myself getting in touch with the Enternships team and Raj Dey on Twitter and they hinted to me about some upcoming excitement on their part in Ireland for the 23rd of April. Finally they announced that they would be collaborating with Dubstarts to run a jobs fair in Dublin on that date. Ever since this announcement I’ve been obsessively refreshing the Enternships website, the Dubstarts website and my Twitter feed for any news. Every company that was announced soon became the victim of my cyber-stalking. If you can’t tell, I really want a new job.

Tomorrow is the day and I’m very excited for it. I’ve been to Career Zoo a couple of times over the last few years but this fair is different. This fair is almost exclusively tech start-ups. I feel that I need an internship or a position in a start-up so that I can learn and grow with a company. While I’m confident in all my abilities, there is no competing with real industry experience and unfortunately trying to get that right now has been a vicious circle. Internships in Ireland at the moment are a joke. In order to get a Jobbridge internship you must be claiming the dole, which is something I don’t want to do. Most of the jobs are of little benefit to a sustainable career (Coffee shop assistant?? Are you kidding me??) and there’s very little guarantee of a full-time job at the end. The prospects from the Dubstarts fair are far more promising, giving you the opportunity to prove yourself and to produce something you can be proud of, regardless of full-time employment at the end.

In preparation for tomorrow I’ve printed off 35 regular CV’s, 20 graphic CV’s, the brochure which was posted on the Dubstarts Facebook page last night, and the advice post from their blog. I feel well read. I’ve highlighted the companies that interest me most. I’ve even got my outfit ready. I’ll be in work tomorrow until 5 so I’ll be going straight to the Button Factory for 6pm. I would love a digital marketing position or a UX designer position. Different, I know, but such was the nature of my Masters. I’ll keep you all posted if you all keep your fingers crossed for me.

dubstarts_OOTD dubstarts_prep



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