Photo Project: Ladies’ Day Fashion Shoot

Last Monday I did a Ladies’ Day themed fashion shoot. My friend Justine King suggested we get a gang together who are looking to boost their portfolios, so I said “Hells YES!”

On the day we had Justine as the stylist. She pieced together a great selection of items from Serena Boutique in Sandymount, Dublin. The crazy hats were on loan from Sarah Stephens. Our models were Ewa and Kim from Distinct Model Management and were an unbelievable pleasure to work with. Their beautiful faces were done absolute justice by Danielle who has such a great touch with a makeup brush and such an enviable collection of MAC makeup! Raina Moore did the hair and is not only talented, but excellent banter to have on a shoot.

On the day I took about 3000 photos. Because I work during the week the editing process is slow, but I’m getting around to it. Here’s a sneak peak of some edits. I’ll be posting my favourites on my portfolio soon, so keep an eye out.


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